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Good luck with your sketches. Word on the street: you have to spend 10,000 hours sketching to be able to say you're a sketcher!!! I don't think I'll live that many hours!


Love this idea. I think the sketches you gals have done are far more interesting than the photos in the magazine. Take note, Vogue!


That is the funnest thing ever. What a great idea. Very Maira Kalman-esque!


Great idea. I have an older Vogue in my stash of collage fodder.. I'll have to did it out. Our library has a place where people drop off magazines they no longer want and you can pick them up free!!


I love this idea. Looks like fun.

Leslie J. Moran

Splendid collaboration! I love this idea.

Lisa Hoffman

Bravo, my Vogue Comrad! Your work keeps me
standing on my chair, clapping and fist-pumping
the air. Onward!!!!


Whoa..this is gonna be great fun to see. I love what both you and Lisa have done so far.


I love the idea but love more your drawings! My friend and I took your lead and had a fun day journaling together. If you are interested I posted here

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