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I have no doubt you will find a dynamite place. The one with the red chair in the living room looks dandy. I can't remember, when you go for the retreat is it for just a weekend or for longer?


The last picture with the covered patio has some lovely shade. But they are all yummy!


You've got this girl, show those doubters! xox

Leslie J. Moran

AC would be a nice addition given the temps. in those parts right now! Just saying.


In all your requirements, you didn't mention price. Gulp. I like photo #1.

Violet Cadburry

These are all acceptable to me. Email me if you need any help testing the pool, Jacuzzi, beds, bathrooms, and cocktails. I am available at short notice.


Now you are telling tall tales because I am not worried ONE bit- I can't wait to see what you come up with! AND in Very Exciting News, I found the best gift for you each on the streets of Rome last night....can't wait to give them to you at Art Retreat!!!

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