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Amy at love made my home

It sounds as though you are already making a great study of them Carol! xx

Judy H.

It must be a bumper crop dove year, as they are thick at my feeders too. We are big birders around here. I love the goldfinches and house finches. :)

Janet Ghio

When we lived in the hill country of Texas there were lots of doves. So many in fact that in the spring you could hear cooing all the time.


It looks so idyllic! The goldfinch is beautiful - it has a European cousin (far less golden), but it doesn´t hang around our parts, unfortunately.


I am a full time birder. I travel to see birds. It's a passion that began when I found a black-chinned hummer nest in my front yard containing 2 nestlings. I watched those darling little birds fledge, make their first flights. I was enchanted. The nest was at eye level so I could watch mom bird stick that long beak down the throats of the nestlings, delivering spiders or tiny insects to her babies. I was hooked. Joined our local Audubon chapter, signed up for field trips, booked tours to Mexico, Canada, Monterey pelagic trips out into the bay. Avid keeper of lists for No. America, Mexico, state and yard. One of the most fascinating hobbies I've ever made part of my life. My NV list has 362 species, life list over 800, yard list 65 species.


I, too, love the doves. Great pic of yours squatted among the plants. We have mourning and ring neck here and they don't get along so I sprinkle seed at both ends of the patio each day. The sparrows go with the flow and the jays scatter everyone when they come swooping in. Very entertaining.


Fascinating to me. We have doves but not so many goldfinches. i was able to see a nest of robins from hatch to flight right outside my bedroom window. I saw the last one as he took off the first time. It was a thrill.

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