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The Trip to Italy has been on my list for awhile... 2 more food related movies I enjoyed are Chef and The Hundred Foot Journey.

Leslie J. Moran

Have you seen the original "The Trip"? I've yet to get to the "Italian" version, but did enjoy the romp over the British countryside. Great concept n'est pas?

I also enjoyed "Haute Cuisine" about a country chef who cooks for the President of France. More a film really. Have you seen "The Lunchbox"? Another 'film' but I know you enjoy the same quirkiness as I do. I too, really liked "The Hundred Foot Journey", but you must be within dining distance of a good Indian Food restaurant for afterward! Notice it's all about FOOD!


I haven't seen either of your movies...I'll add to my list.

I can't recommend any movies, but I did recently read The Husband's Secret by??
Lots of surprises, twists and an epilogue that was very interesting in that it gives the What If's had the story continued. An interesting twist I thought, as most of these books leave you wondering what happens to the characters which usually results in a sequel.

Peggy Fry in Tulsa

if you enjoy animation, we really liked The Box Trolls. very cute and entertaining. I've been told The 100 Foot Journey is excellent.


Go see St Vincent with Bill Murray. You'll laugh, you'll cry, and best of all, you'll see Bill Murray. Do you know The Marigold Hotel has a sequel coming out? Also "Chef",which is light funny, farcical, not much of a plot but is filled with FOOD!! Mouth watering, diet-busting scenes of food, food, food.

Lastly, when it opens, The Imitation Game with Benedict Cumberbatch (Sherlock Holmes) about breaking the German code and helping to end WWII,

Have fun!

cathy mcauliffe

I second the reco for CHEF (be prepared to find a cubano sandwich right after the movei!)and PRIDE.

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