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Janet Ghio

You are a bad influence or else I am easily swayed.LOL Probably a little of both. Yesterday while at the bookstore I just had to have a pumpkin spice latte and I recently finished my one alloted bag of candy corn which I combined with peanuts.Now it's these cookies--what's a person to do!!


My son is a raisin cookie nut but I can never recall if he likes the raisins or hates them and I'm embarrassed to ask yet One More Time. Such a mother I am...and he's 47!

I shall take your word and make them - half with, half without.


Just printed this recipe - they look so delicious and I haven't made cookies in forever. The first photo is Instagram-worthy, Carol! Oh, we did the candy corn with peanuts, too, and loved it. Only one bag for us...I think.


i hear they travel well in shoeboxes.
through the mail.
to california.


that's just what i heard

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