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That's my husband's fav, too - salted caramel mocha for me, thanks - though I must admit your photos make it look pretty tempting!

Sharon W.

"just between you and me"? .....and the readers of your blog......and the entire world linked to the internet.............and anyone to whom Google, wanting to betray you, gives your account info.....and the Kansas board of health.....and your immediate supervisory team.....and...and...and... But, hey, your secret is safe with me.

Leslie J. Moran

You really ARE into this pumpkin thing aren't you!?? I suppose there would be no hope of teaming up the coffee with the donuts? Perhaps too much competing pumpkiny taste? Your secret is totally safe with me:)

jeanette, mistress of longears

My lips are sealed. Well, except for that tiny little opening so I can take a sip.


Well, my choice of fall drink at Starbucks last night was a Vente Caramel Frap. It wasn't cold enough for the pumpkin stuff yet...

Playing with all that wool should be fun. How do you like the new bent hook? Looks rather awkward.

Today my husband brought home from Trader Joe's a small collection of mini pumpkins in assorted colors...now I have to find a really great arrangement for fall made up of leaves, sticks, seed pods, etc. I'll soon have pumpkins lining the outside walkway, but have to wait for the weather to cool down...maybe by mid October.

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