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I feel the same way about the moon returning to it's propper place for the winter. Where I can sit on the lanai and watch it rise. [great minds...I think! ;)LOL]


Fall sunrise and sunsets are the best. While driving up to one of our favorite places for Fish & Chips during the golden hour, the colors of the trees and grass along the road was just beautiful. The Fish & Chips was great too. Eating fish on Friday was engrained early on in my life as a Catholic child, even tho that's not considered a sin to eat meat on Fri., since the ecumenical council of the 60's, I can't seem to break the habit.


I don't know much about sunrises, heheh, but I too love the sunsets that mean it's time to settle in for the evening and nest. My favorite season!


Yep, suns and moons are always best in autumn/winter. I don't like the sun to get too high! I miss autumn in England, and my very own huge pumpkin oatch and the russet apples.... *homesick*

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