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Leslie J. Moran

Well, well, well. Not sure about responding to the "hairy balls", but simply cannot resist. I think I only have some sort of moth caterpillar that predicts a harsh winter.

Vicki in Michigan

I wonder if the other green thing (I am loath to give it a human-anatomy sort of name, given what else is under discussion..........) may be amaranth?



consult me next time before you start discussing "hairy balls" in a post.

Chris Oliveira



Bossy, bossy is that sister...however, the amaranth, if that's what it is, also looks like a weed I gathered nearly 30 years ago visiting my son at college in Western MD. It was a beautiful brown/burgundy but omg did it shed as it flung the seeds in a fertility rite. It took me at least two years to finally get rid of the ever appearing seeds. If you ever fancy the dried stuff, spray it with hairspray before you have seeds in your home for the next decade. You have been warned. ;)


Oh Carol....you make me blush!
Are they like infamous "Schweaty Balls" of SNL fame? Hahaha!
Linda :o)

Rhonda H

You are too funny!
That other green thing, possibly green millet? I remember when we had birds we bought millet which was dried, but it came in long sprigs that looked like that too. I am cracking up over Mary Ann's comment! LOL

Judy H.

My chuckle for the day! :D

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