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jacki long

Thanks Carol, it's so good to see Angie!
I have loved her from afar, through your great stories.
I found myself saying, ahhh. ;o)


What a joy to see these!

Sharon W.

Just this week I was going through my little collection of internet quotes and found this, from Angie in 2013: "When I woke up in the morning I decided I wasn't ready to die. So I came up with a plan." What a great approach to life!!! I have missed her in the tall tales, and know an Angie rerun is just what we all need to brighten our day.


Love it! thanks for sharing her with us :-)

Pat P


Janet Ghio

wonderfu.l photos and memories of happy times


What a doll! I've loved all your Angie stories and pics. There's something so mischievous and fun in her smile and eyes. I'd love to have known her in person.

Linda Watson

Angie re-runs always brighten my day. Thank you!


Love the Angie re-runs. She is so funny and so adorable! Always makes me smile to see her.


So darling!

Leslie J. Moran

Lovely to see her again and remember such stellar days!


What a character she was. I love your stories and memories of her.


Love seeing sweet Angie with a twinkle in her eye!


that shirt is hanging in my closet next to one of dad's
happy birthday mom!
love you.

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