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Janet Ghio

Great photo of the man warming his hands--gotta love those pants!! You have a very interesting farmers market!

Vicki in Michigan

What a great bouquet! Love all the non-flower additions! I would buy one, too.

I would also totally buy some roasted chestnuts. Just to see what they're like....

We bought peppers (a LOT of peppers, of several different kinds) to make Hungarian pepper stew (with smoked paprika). Mmmm. And butternut squash to bake, and apples, and cider.

Amy at love made my home

I would keep buying flowers if such beautiful bunches were on sale too!! xx


The bouquet is gorgeous! Love non-flowers in arrangements.

I've never heard of Arkansas Black apples either. Great tip on storing them.

The wild psychedelic pants of the guy making use of the pepper roaster! Must have been a wild child in his youth, eh?

Years ago my step father used to roast chestnuts during the holiday season...I couldn't see what all the fuss was about. Mushy, bland, not palatable for me. Tried them again when I lived in Michigan...thought maybe being in the cold climate would enhance the roasted chestnuts...uh, no. Still bland, mushy.


I adore roasted chestnuts and think they are best bought roasted rather than done at home even though I do have a chestnut cutter- http://www.amazon.com/Harold-Imports-CN1-Chestnutter/dp/B000FAIVCY - It's still a royal pain imho. I will admit I also love boiled peanuts while my husband gags at the thought.

What we do agree on is roasted peppers and yes, we have our own roaster that we put on the grill. We go to Hatch NM every other year to buy Hatch chiles.

And finally, I will have a looksee of Arkansas Blacks. Good apples are harder and harder to come by I find.


Chestnuts are awesome straight from a stall outdoors... I have ever had boiled peanuts but chestnuts are their own flavour and texture... not sweet not savoury... you need to eat them hot!

I adore that pepper roasting gadget...I need one!


I agree with you about the boiled peanuts...!


i had my first bag of roasted chestnuts in athens. ate them all while watching santa ring a bell to advertise rides for greek kids on his little white shetland pony.

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