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Janet Ghio

I think lantana are such pretty flowers with their variegated colors. have you sketched any of them?


I love Lantana, I even like saying the name of this wonderful plant. I have the deep red/gold variety in my planter, it has a big spurt of growth in the fall. The all yellow variety is planted in many public places around this city...it thrives in the blasting heat in full sun!

I pay no attention to that outdated rule of no white after Labor Day and no white until Easter! Made up by the upper crust elitists at turn of the century to make the rules for the newly up and coming Middle Class...Phooey on that. White is my favorite color to wear & do so year round.

Roses go with any other color in my book! Love to fill the house with lovely fragrance.

Linda Watson

I promise. No one will tell me when to wear white or what goes with pumpkins. We have a huge lantana - same color as yours. I just found out that they're a nectar plant for Monarch Butterflies, so we are locating our milkweed plants nearby. Redoing our yard to be a welcoming place for butterflies.

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