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Janet Ghio

that baby is a cute one--he reminds me of Prince George with those chubby little cheeks-adorable! yes, I would like to see those socks up close so hope you can find them again and that mum combo is gorgeous!! We skipped the market this week-it was raining..


I've never considered chard for a salad green. Let me know how that works. Most of the chard I see in the supermarket looks tough as leather.

I've always been a shoe watcher, it's the first thing I notice about a person. Those shoes & socks look like a story might be connected to them. Hope they show up again.

Trick or Treat mums...perfect!


Looks like you got dressed to match the outdoors. (check out the colors in the first and second photos - spot on) Love those fun socks. Your market looks great - wish ours was larger.


Did you know there is a company that sells pairs of socks which are intentionally mismatched? I got some for my granddaughter who never matched her socks anyway! Oh the fun of being an 8 year old. She's now 12 and doesn't go in for that any more. :(

Amy at love made my home

That is a wonderful basket isn't it. It would be great for storing and transporting yarn in ! Just saying.... xx

Pam R

The socks are Solmate Socks. I have 5 pair and I love to wear them around the house instead of slippers. Super nice people and their motto is "Life's too short for matching socks."



yep, love the socks. I have several pairs that I have bought over the last 5 years or so because they are $18-20 per pair. they are very nice, made from 80% cotton, 19% nylon 1% lycra. they shrink a little bit, but are very warm and comfy. I get them locally in ny and vermont, but you can find them at www.socklady.com.

I so love your farmer's market posts. thanks for sharing them with us.

p.s. cute baby, beautiful mums

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