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I dearly love aprons. My grandmother wore one of hers every day of her life,usually with a string of safety pins on the part that went over her head. My mother never wore one, not even when she worked in the restaurant. I started wearing one after ruining sever knit tops with grease spatters. I even have old sewing patterns for aprons worn in the 20's & 30's...love them.

The poppies are gorgeous.


Now that is a good apron! With an apron like that you can't help but make a delicious pumpkin pie. I have such an apron, though it doesn't have rickrack, it serves me well.

Sharon W.

A good apron is very helpful,and I always have one. But I'd vote for that bottle of Jameson (on the far counter) as the real essential....and i always have one.

Janet Ghio

Great photo of you! I probably need an apron as I have been know to wipe my flour dusted hands on the sides of my pants when cooking--but that apron is too pretty to wipe your hands on.


That is the best Apron I have seen in a good long while. A client gifted me with an apron just this week! I don't wear one in the kitchen as I am a glutton for punishment BUT I do plan on putting it to use while I make art. Paint is harder to get out of your clothes than pudding.


I love aprons good serviceable ones. They must have convenient pockets, ties that go around my not size 6 middle so I can tie the strands in front, and give mr material to wipe my hand doe the sides or rear. Here's to goo aprons!

Leslie J. Moran

There is such nostalgia in an apron. It is indeed a wonderful picture of you in your new acquisition. I'm sure that all creations from now on will be as spectacular as this colorful addition to your kitchen repertoire.

Lisa Hoffman

Some people from HipsterLand started wearing aprons as street wear. I thought they were nuts until I accidentally went to the grocery store one day wearing my studio apron. Not pretty, but extremely functional and boy, do I have an appreciation of big pockets! You look stunning in your poppies and trim.

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