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I have never played the game of cut-throat mexican train dominoes or any other form of dominoes. My family, my parents generation, were card players, for money! They had all nighters, poker games. My husband's family were Pinochle and cribbage players. I love all forms of cards except Bridge.

Janet Ghio

We have advanced directives but made them when we lived in Texas--I think I will check and make sure that Missouri's are the same. thanks for the link. I have never played mexican train dominoes. But I know people who play dominos love to play!!

Loretta Garcia

Hey cousins,
Love the cabin photo of everyone! I loved the stories of the tios playing dominoes and remember watching as a kid visiting at the rancho. We haven't played in years. Yet still can't get the family to talk about leaving this life during our gatherings, but the conversations do take place during smaller bites and lunches.
Our stories get more food centered. I do love a chocolate cinnamon graham cracker pie shell for pumpkin pie, but making leaf cutouts on a flaky crust is so visually appealing. We love remembering the different turkey stuffings we shared. Cornbread and jalapeno was a special delight, as was an oyster stuffing, but pecan stuffing always brought memories of the San Antonio pecan trees in Grandpa Octavio's yard.
Here's to being thankful for those memories and to the memory-makers who aren't at the table this year.
Thanks for the insight as we all walk the path.

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