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I hope to get back to higher numbers on my FitBit after next week's knee surgery. Right now I'm lucky to hit 2500 and I miss the walking AND the satisfaction of seeing 10k.


I heard some funny conversations with Siri on NPR yesterday. Ask her if she'll marry you! And have fun on your walks.

Leslie J. Moran

Yet another reason to upgrade my phone. I really, really, really want this. When I get back.


I forget to carry my phone with me, so never know the steps or heartbeats or whatever... But... the other ay my phone randomly popped up with how many steps I had walked that day... never seen it before but it must be a built in Apple app :)


An iPhone is NOT inanimate...it talks to you, answers your questions, can find you, your friends, find itself if stolen or lost...now it keeps track of fitness...no, it's part of our bodies. How did we ever get by without smart phones & Google?


Thanks Carol. I just downloaded the app, and it says I've already walked 1632 steps just sitting here on my couch. Now that's my kind of exercise! :-)

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