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Amy at love made my home

It looks as though you have a lovely town to go for a hike - or wander! - around!! xx

Janet Ghio

I grew up in Kansas City and spent lots of time with my friends walking around the Plaza--we used to go to a store called Topsy's and buy praelines and to the movies at the Plaza movie theater and to a great little Mexican restaurant called Margarita's. I'ts always fun to go to the Plaza!!


We don't have a Plaza or nice city streets to wander from cute shop to cute shop. We have Mega Malls, that's it. Only Starbucks coffee shops with food that isn't so special.

We used to window shop on Sundays after church when we stayed with our grandmother. Always a treat to look in all the department store windows, especially at holiday season. That was in the 1950's in San Diego where there was a wonderful downtown area. Of course none of the stores were open on Sunday back in the day.



Dottie Moss

Yep, sister, I am laughing!!! Loose planning is indeed a fine art; helps one fill one's soul. And on the Plaza in November-- what a way to be.

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