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Leslie j. Moran

My son and I are sitting on the couch together roaring with laughter. This seems to be a common occurrence in rain swept areas. We witnessed many of the very same scenarios today in Vancouver. By the way, somehow I was diddling around and totally messed up a post that went to Facebook and your page. I have NO idea how it happened or what I was doing, but we were in a small whiskey distillery at the time. I know you'll understand.

Janet Ghio

Carol-nothing do with this post, but I know you love knitting and just wonderred if you have seen this woman's work--I think it is fabulous!


I haven't had a need to use an umbrella in years! I live in a drought stricken area where rain is so infrequent it's scary. I'd love to use an umbrella no matter how inept I am at working it.

susan s

WAY off topic, but my daughter (who knows I've been engaging in self portraits) sent me this link. Next time I'm alone in the house ima gonna do it:

jeanette, mistress of longears

Method number 3 would also be good if you are robbing a bank on a rainy day. Of course I am just speculating.

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