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Love this!

jacki long

So true.
Thank you Carol!



Janet Ghio

You look so much like mama moss in the photo! Have a Merry Christmas!!


I agree, I love to sit by the tree and look at the ornaments. Merry Christmas!

Leslie J. Moran

Silver Bells. Reminds me of a time when my parents had a Christmas party and everyone sat around the piano singing....silver bells. How memories come flooding in whenever I hear that tune. Merry Christmas.

Barbara Casillas

You are so right about the stories that go with each ornament. It's amazing how the stories all come back to you when the ornaments are unwrapped and taken from their boxes. Where you were when you acquired it, or who it makes you think of. Most of them are sentimental and relate to family like your Hawaii bells, but many years ago I was in a department store and looking at the ornaments displayed on a tree. Next to me was Priscilla Presley and her then teenage daughter. Without fail, that memory comes to mind when I look at the angel ornament I purchased that day. Amazing how such clear memories are triggered by specific things we look at, or a song we hear.


Yup, the best part of the Christmas tree are the memories! Look how beautiful Angie was!


Love the memories of the ornaments over the years, it takes me days to get that tree decorated. I like sitting there in the mornings with a cup of coffee, admiring the tree, and strolling down memory lane.

That photo of Angie reminds me of my Mom around
that same time frame. Dark dress, earrings, and the same hairstyle. Lovely family Christmas photo. Even though you and M.A. are not there yet. Well actually, you were there.

Happy Christmas to you Carol.


I love the old b/w photos. Look at that Angie! What a good looking woman. The christmas ornament I remember most was during the war, any kind of metal was hard to come by, so my family made icicles out of the coffee can band that you had to use a key to open the lid. My mom pulled down on the metal making a spiral...I have to say it was very festive when the metal spiral caught the twinkling lights...those great big jobs.

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