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Did this involve a field trip to Sarah's? That place is the BEST! Love your fabric choices.


Look up the Taco Pillow case method...it's a piece of cake.

Leslie J. Moran

Only you! :)

Vicki in Michigan

I'm taking my holiday letter to Staples to get copies. Today, and I mean it.

:-) lol..................

ps -- I'd rather make pillowcases, too. :-)

jeanette, mistress of longears

You already know that I consider your posts as my "To Do" list, but I really must insist that you make some improvements:
I finally got my first copy of Uppercase magazine. Why on earth don't you title important posts "Do this right away! Do not dither!"? I imaging straight to their website to see about ordering back issues I missed through sheer inertia. :-)

jeanette, mistress of longears

Oh dear, does this mean I must get some holiday pillows tomorrow?


Jeanette: Yes :-) and send me a picture of them on your swing out back!

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