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Amy at love made my home

Enjoy your memories of Angie, I am sure that she would like you to do that. xx

Janet Ghio

An eggnog toast to angie! What a nice way to remember her ==. Shaking and handling each Xmas package is part of the fun isn't it!

Sharon W.

A strange question, perhaps: If you could have just one last meeting with Angie,where and what would you want it to be? I would ask for a kitchen afternoon with Mom, making pie crust. She made a magnificent pastry (with real lard, of course), and in the process used only her fingers to work the dough. She insisted that letting your palms touch the dough would soften or melt the cold lard, producing tough dough. I still fail at every attempt, and an afternoon with her would be filled with laughter and--perhaps--a better dough for me.


Sweet memories. You endeared her to all of us.

Chris Oliveira

Hugs to you. It's nice to see a picture of Angie, and remember her (funny how we never met but I can still have fond memories of her)


make me a BIG cup please or should i say PEASE?


Sweet memories and a lovely way to toast her and comfort yourself with those flowers and coffee eggnog.

Nanci Stone

Lovely way to remember Angie, with a gorgeous bunch of flowers along with coffee and eggnog, bless.

jacki long

This is so special Carol, I teared up looking at Angie, and your sweet words.
I am sure there are many of us who feel like we know her ...
and really do miss her too.
Thanks Carol for including us.


Those frail wrists.... xox

Leslie J. Moran

Hands. I'm speechless. That first shot says it all.

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