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Janet Ghio

Beautiful photos!!




I think that was your reward for doing laundry so early.

Diamond Cloud Studio

What a wonderful start to the day! I saw the sunrise this morning too! And me being a night owl, that is a rare thing. Your pictures are just beautiful. Thanks for sharing!


Wow! Gorgeous!


What a gorgeous dawn Carol! That's what you get when your up so early. Loved the golden light with the mauves.

jacki long

Fabulous Carol!
You were right ...
the laundry will still be there!

Barbara Casillas

So pretty. I especially loved the silhouette of the tree in picture number five. It covers but allows the background colors to come through so perfectly. And if I didn't know it was Kansas, I would swear there was an ocean in some of those pictures. The first few look like an ocean with breaking waves.

susan s

BoxING day, which really should be called un-boxING day.

We're headed for two ten hour car days starting on Monday, so grateful for your book recommends. Thank you.


oops! To all of you who celebrate BoxING day - please accept my deepest apologies for calling it BoxERS day. I am going to blame it on getting up so early to wash the socks and boxers!

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