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Janet Ghio

The perfect title for this post!!

Amy at love made my home

I hope that you had a great Christmas and that your New Year will be wonderful too! Best wishes for all good things in 2015 to you and yours! xx


That sifter is a relic, a true treasure! The way you feel about cinnamon rolls is how I feel when I make bread...oh yes, way more than the sum of its parts. Something so earthy and, and, and...I can't put it into words.


Those look scrumptious!!!
BTW... I'd like to follow your blog via email... does typepad allow that? I can't find a button. I'm using a reader for now but will be using my ipad for the next 3 months. The format for the reader I use is not ipad friendly.
Thanks for all the inspiring post you do.... I LOVE reading your blog!!! Happy New Year!!!!


Yes! I have very similar thoughts, feelings, memories when making my mom's favorite whole wheat bread recipe. I only occasionally allow myself to use her bread knife I inherited as I never want it to lose its edge. But I see it when I reach for another and I smile at it's comfort......Thank you for this post. And she had a sifter for years like the one you have.

Barbara Casillas

I've always enjoyed baking. You're pictures evoke the essence of it so well.

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