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I like your pillows, I don't know what Arabian mix is but I really admire that photograph which is the very image of Winter Solstice. Beautiful and evocative.

Judy H.

Love, love the candy cane pillow! Winter Solstice...I practically weep with gratitude knowing that the days are getting longer from here on out. I am a sun (and spring) worshiper through and through. ;-)

Janet Ghio

I don't know what Arabian nights candy mix is--please tell. I searched all over the place this year for some of the candies I remember as a kid and couldn't find them--you know those peppermint straws and there was a white rectangular candy that was chewy and tasted like black walnuts--and of course those red ones that were shaped like raspberries. I want something besides hersheys kisses in green and red foil or snickers bars in Christmas wrap--I can eat those anytime---as you can see i am serious about my Christmas Candy!!

Janet Ghio

Oh and i meant to say MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!


Ah I had to Google Arabian Nights candy but yes, we always had a tin of ones that looked like that. It later became my mother's button tin.

The PA Dutch still make many candies like that so if you have an Amish market you may find some. I liked the ribbon candy - just because it was so pretty.

Leslie J. Moran

Looks like a nice place for Santa to sit and relax for a while some night. Leave the cookies and milk out there too!


You might try the www.retrocandyonline.com site to see if Arabian Nights candy is still available. If you have a Cracker Barrel near you, they carry some of the old candies I remember from childhood. My grandmother always had this candy assortment that she bought at Sears back in the day...I vividly remember opening the door and having that wonderful scent of warm cashews as I walked through the main entrance...and they had popcorn freshly popped too...it made you instantly hungry. She also had the ribbon candy which was gorgeous to look at but hard to eat because there was no way to hold it without getting sticky fingers...YUK! Those candies filled with the raspberry stuff, double YUK. My favorite hard candy is peanut brittle and fudge from See's candy store. Heavenly.

The candy cane pillow is perfect for Santa to sit & sip some little toddy before he heads down the chimney.


Found this Arabian Nights candy on Amazon.com: Arabian Nights Mix Old Fashioned Christmas Candy, 2 lb. bulk bag (220 count) $6.99! Its actually sourced from oldtimecandy.com...check it out, save Chris some time composing his letter of petition...

Amy at love made my home

We cannot wait for it to start to get lighter again! I reckon on by the end of January it being light after tea time in the afternoon for long enough for my hubby to mostly get home when it is feeling light and that is a wonderful thing! xx

Amy at love made my home

oops! Forgot! Happy Christmas!! xx

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