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Amy at love made my home

What would be the fun in leaving alone in any case! xx


and the verdict? was the combo delish or meh? inquiring minds need to know.


I had this combo - unexpectedly - when I had Thanksgiving dinner with my hs boyfriend's family. As I was gagging on the mashed potatoes, my future sil howled with laughter and said "Mama, you didn't tell her there were turnips in the mashed potatoes!" I'll take my turnips raw and crunchy, tyvm.

How did you and Chris like the combo?


two of my favorite things: potatoes and turnips ... together or separate!


Sounds like conversations at our house, only I am the one saying that to the hubby. Let's just say he has a lot to learn about subtlety when it comes to flavors. Here in Texas, it's garlic mashed potatoes with everything. One family dinner he decided to try something different, and made horseradish mashed potatoes. Everyone at the table was tearing up and reaching for their water glasses. The next time he cut way back on the horseradish and now we all love them.
I don't know about the turnips, will have to try that.

Trish Slussar

That's so funny! I added a lone carrot and three turnips to our mashed potatoes last night. It was still well enough!


The mashed potatoes and turnips were good. I added butter and warm milk and salt and pepper like I usually do to mashed potatoes. A little more fiber, a little more chew, a little more rustic. I liked them. Next time will use butter and a little sour cream or plain yogurt instead of milk and see how that is. Got to keep Chris on his toes.


Have you tried Rutabagas mashed up? Tastes like mashed potatoes & turnips to me. I love the slight tang of the rutabagas. I learned the hard way to cook them with peel on before trying to peel raw, let cool, peel then reheat before mashing. They have very tough skin making peeling very difficult, cooking really helps.

Rhonda H

LOL they never learn!

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