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jacki long

Agreed, totally wonderful!

Janet Ghio

i used to ice skate at Loose Park and go on school picnics there. I haven't been there in a very long time--I may have to revisit.


Those are Hi Ho! Cherry-O trees! I hadn't thought of that game in decades!


Indeed a wonderful way to spend a day. That is one awesome Oak tree. I love the bare branch trees in winter.

Barbara Casillas

Hi Ho! Cherry-O trees…what a pleasant flash to the past. I can picture filling up the colored cups with those little red cherries. Your written and visual observations of the park was like going on a tour. Loved the squirrel's tail.


Hi Ho Cherry O trees are not in my memory having grown up on the west coast of SoCal. Frozen ponds aren't either. I love the pix of the oak tree. Magnificent.


You are such a joy...I just love your posts!

jeanette, mistress of longears

Boys keep putting things in their pockets for many years after they are 4. I took the contents from my son's pockets one day when he was 6 and put them away into a "time capsule" for him....he's almost 40 now. Do you think it's time to reveal all?

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