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shut UP!!!!!! That is amazing!


Caftans! Well, you'd better add sparkly flip flops, cocktail rings and oversize sunglasses to the list.

Sharon W.

You really NEED to get a copy of that horrific HBO movie about Liberace's life: Michael Douglas and Matt Damon, I believe? That would be the ideal setting for it, with fire in that fireplace and a heavy cream based cocktail. Perfection!


Sounds like fun. To add to what Annie listed, be sure to get a huge sun hat, darling. Yes, lots of bling to wear along with your "A" game with the artists.

You'll have a great time I'm sure. Did you make the reservations for the vacation home?


Do they even sell caftans in Lawrence KS? Doubt they do in my little burg so I guess I wouldn't be able to go to an art retreat at Liberace's pad, huh? Bummer.
Have a ball.

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