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I remember reading about that. Such a sad story. I rarely go to movies and I don't think this one will be on my list even though it is supposed to be very well directed and acted.

Janet Ghio

I haven't seen this one yet, but intend to. If you haven't seen The Imitation Game yet, it is excellent also.


I haven't even heard of it, it's not on the radar in this neck of the woods. I'll have to look into it.

I can highly recommend The Imitation Game, the story of Alan Turing, the British math whiz who broke the German code named Enigma, and shortened WWII by at least two years.
A fascinating story, made more so by Keira Knightly, the only female on this top secret team. I had to look things up when I got home. Why had I never heard of Alan Turing? What was Enigma considered unbreakable? My, my. I was alive during this time in history, but only 5 yrs. old. But still, I'm a history buff and this kind of thing sets me going off on all sorts of tangents.

Joyce Resnik

My reaction to Foxcatcher is the same as yours. I went to many of the events, including opening and closing ceremonies, of the 1984 Olympics and got caught up in the excitement and have NO recall of wrestling or the brothers or the story told in Foxcatcher. I don't remember it as a news story at all. I walked out of the theater after being mesmerized by the story asking "How the hell was this allowed to happen?"

jacki long

I agree Carol, it was like watching a train wreck?
Stellar performances, but painful to watch.
I too left thinking, how did I not know this really happened.
I remembered the brothers, but not the aftermath.
And yes, it does seem to linger on the mind.

I agree with Joan, The Imitation Game is excellent.

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