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You crack me up!


As I'm reading this post I'm thinking...hmmm How are they getting sun to the pineal gland? I should have known there was a trick up your sleeve. HA

We've been married for 44 years, second marriages for each, but we don't have that kind of ridiculous saying. We do have a strange ability to read one another's mind on occasion, which is really freaky. I'll be thinking I'd like to have dinner at a place we haven't been to in years. My DH will come in and ask if I'd like to go to that place for dinner, is one instance.

Janet Ghio

We've been married 20 years and we have all kinds of ridiculous conversations that we carry on with--no one else would ever have a clue what we are talking about--it's our own little language and we also read each others minds--I will be thinking something and he will say it at about the same time or vice versa--do you do that?

Pam Michael

I can always count on you to brighten my day. Love your posts!


:) I love hearing these family sayings. My 2nd husband has had some of the family sayings from my 1st marriage now in his vocabulary. Stooging around, waiting aimlessly is "waiting for the 84 bus" which goes back to life in Yorkshire in 1968 where the 84 bus ran along from York-to Harrogate. Smile worthy...

jeanette, mistress of longears

ROFL!!!! At our house, the best phrase would be "Darwin in action". So very useful - so often....
I know that after all these years we should be a couple who completes each other's sentences, but more often, we both forget exactly the word that would complete the sentence, although we know what we mean. Does that make any sense?

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