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jacki long

I love this post Carol.
I feel the closeness that doesn't go away with the passing.
Beautifully done.


Bittersweet organizing the new version...xox

Amy at love made my home

A toughie. You are an amazing daughter and person! xx


Understand it from my heart. I still have her wallet (with the 50 bucks she withdrew from the ATM the 36 hours before she died. And her license and Social Security card. After 22 months, I finally had the courage to shred all her credit cards. I have my aunt's license, also. I keep them together and when I open that desk drawer, I say hello to the both of them. I'm sure they're squabbling over something in heaven.

Sharon W.

In the current world climate, even angels need some form of id.


Oh my goodness, what a heart touching post - I too, had the "Mom" section of my planner stuffed with the exact same info (still have it, just not in my new planner). And like Loretta's previous comment, I still have my mother's wallet with $27 in it; it's been a year and a half since her passing and I am still finding notes to myself, taken during her doctors visits and receipts for prescriptions. I cannot bring myself to delete the last round of frantic texts between my brother and me on her last day, even though I cannot bring myself to reread them. I know with time I will let these things go too. Thank you Carol for sharing this post with us today. Sending love and understanding your way.


Your posts about your mother always make me smile or bring me to tears. This one did both. It's hard to part with these little tokens of a persons life. I didn't have to deal with any of those issues as my mother died in her sleep after a long life.

I can relate to not remembering my pin number at the bank drive up...had to do the very same thing. The one and only time I forgot it, made my husband laugh.

marta traughber

cute planners. do you make them?

Joyce Resnik

Carol, your sensitive posts get me every time. This was a wonderful share. Thank you.

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