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Barbara Casillas

I really love this Aran Wrap. Sophisticated, warm, but not too heavy. Especially with the one section different from the rest (unless that's how an Aran Wrap is supposed to be). Did you make it in one weekend? I must learn to knit. Is it something only an experienced knitter should try?

Leslie J. Moran

Well done everyone! Modeling is not easy, especially with a picky photographer. Stellar results all around. Love, love, love the wrap.

jeanette, mistress of longears

Fantastic wrap!!! Couldn't you just settle for sketching the building next time? I'd hate to have to bail you out. :-)


I've encountered many security guards, sheriffs, caretakers, etc. trying to satisfy my curiosity about a place or bldg. We were sent on our way in a remote town while birding in a residential area...the sheriff pulled up behind my car and set of the siren which nearly caused me to have a heart attack...but that's the peril of birding where people don't know what the hell you're doing looking at their houses with binocs...well, you're not looking at their houses, you're looking at the birds in the trees around the houses...some people just don't get it, ya know?


Oh, I see you were at the knitting retreat at Unity! I work there and saw the event posted on our internal calendar. I always call that building the Potting Shed, a bit more romantic a name I think. Did you happen to go down to the swimming pool and see the little wading pools and rock work? Some neat areas, but much, much better in the spring when the rose garden is in full bloom.

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