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Please look into Fish Lips Kiss heel, known on Revelry group as Sock Therapy. You'll be amazed! It changed the way I feel about sox forever.

The patch work is brilliant. I have never darned a sock. I have a pair that the moths ate chunks out of before I had a chance to even wear them. That made me sick.

The blue socks are such a lovely shade of blue. I can see why they were your faves. But 20 year old Gap jeans? Mine never lasted that long. But if they fit your shape (why is it so hard to fit women's bodies in jeans?) I can see why you want to repair them and keep on wearing them.

Leslie j. Moran

This is brilliant. If you only knew how many knitted socks I threw out. They were my Mums favourite thing to knit and the Professors favourite socks to wear. I'll have to look and see if there are any to salvage. During the war knitting socks was a patriotic thing to do. Mum says they got so good at it they could knit in the movie theatre in the dark. I have an antique darning tool. I really will try this. I may have to get my socks out and trot a bit.


Your socks are gorgeous colors, and the patch looks cool. My Mom used to darn my Dad's wool socks and shirts, and even "turn" the collars when they got frayed. It used to seem kind of tacky, and I never learned how to do it. As a kid I sure wouldn't wear anything "darned". But now it's stylish. HA I love Luke Deverells site, and am going to try that style of darning on some of hubby's old jeans.

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