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Barbara Casillas

The photos with the snow on the bushes creates some wonderful texture and lines. Makes me want get out my pen and ink and sketch.

Amy at love made my home

Yes, of course, you definitely need to get to know your cup in great detail first!! xx


Oh that is exquisite! Early Gray would be a perfect match.

The snow is lovely too, as is ours here, but I'm done with it. White tulips help too but this weekend I'm buying daffodils!


We've been having ice, which is much less attractive than snow. If you want to see some stupendously sketched teacups, look at Liz Steel's blog. She's the queen of the teacup sketchdom.


The Yin and the Yang...a change of seasons is so good for our souls.

Vicki in MIchigan

Love your pics, and love your teacup! Thanks, as always, for sharing your world with us.


what a great find! So pretty!

Leslie j. Moran

Lovely choice of antiques. It will make a cup of tea on a sunny winter's day even sunnier.


Love that cup and saucer! Great post.

Michele R. Unger

Beautiful cup! I've been following your blog, MAM's and Pam's and feeling the cold, wet damp here even more because of all the sunny photos you have shared. I'm glad you all had such a fine, fun time.


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