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Debbie J

"A new species of birds", you are just too funny! Thanks for the little tour of your lovely town.

jacki long

I love your wit, quirky subjects and the way they all fit together!
Definitely a fan here. ;o)

Judy H.

A fun, satisfying group of discoveries. Man, do I covet that little lantern. :)


Thanks for taking us on your little wander.

Vicki in MIchigan

If you ever get tired of your day job, you could lead walking tours. Especially if you could get the homeowners to let us in to see the insides of the houses (and give us snacks and beverages).



Wherever we are there are always interesting things to find...we just need to open our eyes...I love how you see the world!


Urban adventures can be loads of fun provided you live in an interesting, historical city/town. We have no architectural history in this town. If it's of 35-40 yrs old it must be imploded! The entire Strip in this city has changed in the 37 yrs I've lived here. All the neighborhoods are new subdivisions with homes that are all the same. Ugh. No character, no history. So I have to keep my adventures on the backroad, the roads less traveled which I have to say, more than makes up for urban missing aspect.

If you could talk all those people who live along your route into having snacks and drinks, think of all the wonderful additions that would make to your Urban Field Guide. You could alternate city neighborhoods so no one would be left out. HA

Rhonda H

Cool finds along your journey! How fun it would be to have snacks on that front porch!

Barbara Casillas

Very fun post. I'm always seeing houses while walking/driving that I'd love to explore inside.


want that volkswagen van/truck!

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