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Very interesting.... Will have to try this...... I've always wondered the difference between a latte and cappuccino and this has helped. I'm not a huge coffee drinker but I do like them occasionally if they have enough milk in them.


I am by nature a tea drinker but was in Starbucks in NYC a week or two ago, tired and cold at night, and saw Flat White as a new thing. It made me laugh since I immediately thought that it would be something Flat Stanley would drink. I loved it!

btw, I am a tea snob and almost never get tea out.


Long before Starbucks hit this city, putting stores on nearly every corner...a friend from Oregon treated me to a Latte' in the local mall, much to my objection that espresso was too strong. When I took a sip of that frothy bit of wonderful I was hooked: A Hazelnut latte'. I soon developed a $9.00 a day habit. I swore it was a legal drug.

I saw that the Flat White was a new item on the menu at Starbucks (the only coffee shop still in business in this city) so it's my only source to sample. After reading your post, I'll have to test drive one of those the next time I'm at Starbucks.


Joan and Emie: if you do not like "strong" coffee flavor you may not like the flat white. The reason I LOVE it is because it is a big bold strong flavor. If you prefer the milder, more milky versions, I would stick with the latte. Just my 2 cents.
P.S. SISTER - DO NOT try a flat white - it will be way too strong for you.


Here in Australia flat whites are the go-to drink. Good to see them getting around. Couldn't comment on Starbucks because there are only a handful left here in tourist spots. They opened here ten years ago but didn't succeed.

PS I love your blog.


Yum! Have you tried a Cortado at Bourgeois Pig. It sounds similar. I'm not sure if "cortado" is a type of drink like flat white of if it's just the name of their drink. Either way, its delicious too!

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