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I have never heard of a mixed cereal breakfast! Leave it to you to come up with the concoction!

I must be a cereal chicken...I like Trader Joe's Gluten free cranberry mix, but I pick out the almonds cuz I can't stand them. Then I sprinkle with a half packet of Truvia & add maybe 1/3 Cup of milk...I like the cereal to remain crunchy, not soggy. Idk!

I guess I land in Chris's camp. But I will try your concoction.

Amy at love made my home

Wow, that is a very precise recipe!! I never eat cereal, but I suspect that I would like yours! xx

Janet Ghio

I love mixing cereals together and yes the sugar goes on before the milk. But your bowl is much too small for such deliciousness!!

Susan M

I always mix my cereals....Post Great Grains with Pecans and Multi-Grain Cheerios....with unsweetened almond milk....no sugar.....


I had never heard of mixing cereals until my dh got a notion to start eating cold cereal instead of sausage and eggs. He mixes honey nut cheerios with cornflakes, no additional sugar and then milk. I don't care for cold cereal so it's oatmeal in the winter for me and granola with greek yoghurt in the summer. It takes all sorts doesn't it!


I've always mixed up 6 or 8 cereals in a big container! Love the various flavors. A bowl of just one thing seems so boring.
I also have that same sugar bowl, so my breakfast table looks just a bit like yours. Happy eating!

Barbara Casillas

There's nothing more satisfying for breakfast than a bowl of mixed cereals (with half of a banana).


This reminds me of my grandpa. When I would stay over when I was young he would make my breakfast by mixing cheerios and raisin bran, cutting up a banana and pouring Coffee Mate over instead of milk. No sugar needed!

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