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So, how were the accomodations? Did you love the house? Where did it rank compared to the others?

I'd give VERYy careful consideration to the application of any outsiders to your art retreat. You'd have to contend with a cadre of Secret Service guys and you know they have NO sense of humor.

jacki long

Terrific, just GREAT!

Amy in Texas

Looks like a fantastic time was had including the consuming of some California "wimes." Gotta tease because I've done the same thing--misspelled a word and didn't realize it until much later.

Would love to know where y'all stayed. Please share when you get a chance. :)

Janet Ghio

Your art retreat always looks like so much fun!! I am going on an art retreat this summer with a group of online friends--we've never met and have been in a small yahoo group for six years and have become close friends. There are 12 of us and we've rented a fabulous house in the mountains near Ashville, NC. Should be quite an adventure!!


It's so fun to hear about the art retreat from all three of you on your blogs. What great times. Thanks for sharing it with us. I was wondering where you were going with the title of this post and I laughed at Joan's response to it above!


not only do you make a most excellent art retreat companion... your storytelling of after the fact is tops. you moss sisters are such clever writers! and personally, i think it'd be a fun challenge to get the secret service agents making art alongside the Pres and we three, mark me down for a yay vote!


I looked at all three of your posts and it looks like you had a great time. I was so expecting to see a picture of a handstand in the pool though. That warm air looked so inviting. Enjoyed the different renditions of the tabasco bottle too. Thanks for sharing the trip, it was enjoyable. You sisters do have fun together.

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