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Rhonda H

It's been fun to see your Instagram shots of Philly... did you get a chance to have a "real" Philly cheese steak? Looking forward to more pix when you return. Safe travels!


I didn't know that Dottie is also a nurse! Two in one family, Wow! I'm sure you'll have plenty to regale us with as you two cavort around Philly. Do try a "real" Philly Cheese Steak sammy. Can't wait to see/hear about your adventures.


South Street for an Italian market. btw, this weekend is also the Flower Show...world renowned, and hanging my Philadelphia born head, one I have never attended.


Dottie is a hospice chaplain not a nurse.
We do have your end of life care needs covered from all perspectives :)


i thought dottie worked for the secret service.
she doesn't?!

Chris Oliveira

Enjoy your sister time!


Shhhhh.... The chaplain thing's probably her cover for the secret service....

Judy H.

My eyes were playing tricks on me as I read this post. Where it said 'we might need to take a bus, a train, or a trolley...', I also read 'donkey'. Yes, I would surely have enjoyed pix of that. Though you did not travel by donkey, I enjoyed the Philly pix anyway. ;-)

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