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Judy H.

'Cats are very good for business.' True that.
Dashiell looks like a wise and lovely bookstore cat. :)

jacki long

Still another treasure.
Looking forward to each day.
You add to my life.


Love his name! I have a friend who names her cats after singers she loves. Authors would be another endless source of great cat names, like Hemingway, Steinbeck, or Conroy, to mention a few of my faves. I'm assuming that Dashiell's surname is Hammet? So fitting for a bookstore cat.

You didn't mention the book title that Dashiell helped you find.

We have no independent bookstores, neither new or used. 3 closed this last couple of weeks. How sad is that. Now we only have Barnes & Noble and certainly no bookstore cats there.


I sure miss little independent bookstores...and bookstore cats. In CA we had a rubber stamp store cat named Autumn...she'd follow you around & untie your shoelaces...so cute!

Thanks for sharing Dashiell with us!


He looks like a handsome and wise fellow. I love cats (I have 4) and I love books, it would be a place I would visit often. An automotive store in our area had a cat and after hours he would be looking out the big windows, he was great.


love your blog and the way you tell stories. I came upon your blog since your last stay in palm spring via your sister's blog.
so funny when you observe how people tell animals anything; oh if they could talk.....

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