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So glad that the memories are refocusing on better times, Carol. Your mom has a spunky look in that photo...I can almost hear your conversation just as you have described it. Through your many stories of her here, I almost feel I know her. You were blessed to have each other.


This made me smile. I wish you could have one more adventure with Mama Moss, too, Carol. Thanks for sharing your sweet memories with us.




Beautiful, beautiful, and so sweet.


What a sweet time, hugs...

Amy at love made my home

I do not know how to describe how your posts about Angie and your love for her make me feel, but you are a wonderful wonderful person and so inspiring Carol. Hugs to you and all good wishes. xx

Joyce Resnik

Memories have a strong purpose.❤️

Chris Oliveira

Sounds perfect. I am reading this today, which is my mom's 95 th birthday, and missing her too. Mine was Ruthie. And she would have loved your idea of a hot date too. Sending hugs and "remembering" Dear Angie.

Dottie Moss

Our dear Mom!! Inimitable! Thanks for you, sister.


I really love seeing Angie, and your sharing memories with us all.


Everytime I see Mama Moss's picture, I just break out in a grin. It is very touching for me to read your memories and your longings, as they mirror mine for The Empress. You are never too old to need your Momma. x0x0


Thank you for your post ... it brought back all the good memories I have of my mom and our "adventures."

Linda Watson

What a great thing to do and remember. For me, the memories of my mom just get richer and richer. I know it will be that way for you too. How lucky we are to have those.

Judy H.

Always loved the Mama Moss / Angie stories. Sweet memories for you all. XXOO


Where has the time gone? Fond memories of shared laughs and good times, a celebrated life by those left behind...that's where memories fill in the holes and we can re-live precious moments with out loved ones and friends who have gone before us.

Dottie Moss

I like what Joan said about how memories fill in the holes.



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