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Amy at love made my home

Brilliant sketches! I love the daffodil - I am in daffodil mode right now! xx

Janet Ghio

Love all your sketches!! What fun facetime sketching must be!!


You girls have the best time...laughter is therapy of the best kind, isn't it? And bonus, it's free!

Your gilded flicker can be found not far from my home near Searchlight, NV. A most handsome bird. We commonly see the Northern Flicker, Red Shafted race, here. They winter in the desert valleys. The first time I saw one in my yard it was "anting" a behavior they have mastered for literally picking ants out of the soil. They also let the ants crawl on them, supposedly the acid produced by the ants is beneficial to the birds by killing parasites! Lovely symbiosis, eh?

Keep up the good fun and sketching via FaceTime/Skype.

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