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jacki long

Thanks Carol,
your photography is such a treat really stunning!!

Amy at love made my home

I don't have a Mongolia, although I love them, but I do have a forsythia and love it!! In fact I blogged about mine today too, it must be forsythia appreciation day!! Hee hee! xx

Janet Ghio

The tulip magnolias are just starting to bud and open just a little here-I've seen a few daffodils and it was like magic that the trees all had buds on them--one day on my walk they were there--I love spring too-it always delights!!---now if it would just warm up again--we've had a cold snap again.


Daffodils and forsythia capture a little sun and keep it for us on those rainy days. Papa cardinal's bright red helps, too. Ah, spring!


There is nary a sign of yellow on my forsythia but I plan to cut some and bring the branches in to force. I need that yellow!

Leslie J. Moran

How very lovely to see here on this rainy, still snow smattered, northern perch. We are a month away from your glory, so living vicariously and indebted to your fabulous photography. Something to sketch right there!


Our spring is well advanced. Everything is in bloom, leafing out, flowering! We'll continue with our exceptionally warm winter into spring. Will be in the 80's this weekend. This bodes for a very LONG, HOT summer.

Your pics are simply gorgeous. Thanks for being so diligent with your sharing of your life and art.


One word from New York: ice pellets.
Oops - that's two words.

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