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Barbara Casillas

VERY Cool!

jacki long

I think you probably have already seen this, but just in case you haven't …
it's a glorious 27:30 documentary on the Quilts of Gee Bend …
http://vimeo.com/50454661 that I really enjoyed.

Amy at love made my home

Very cool I think Carol!! Perhaps your patches will move Lawrence even higher up the coolest towns list!! xx

Janet Ghio

I love the patches--very sixties! I have made that admonishment to George many a time when I was working on something that was giving me a fit and knew he would try to come to my rescue when all i wanted was to be left alone to grit my teeth, say a few swear words and carry on by myself!!


I LOVE your patches! I have a pair of patches jeans that I use when I take art classes... That way if I get anything on me during class it just adds to the total "look".

Judy H.

Super-duper patches! And inspiring, as I have some jeans that could use that type of repair. I've never quilted, but that would be a good project to learn on. :)

Leslie J. Moran

I'm thinking this will be a perfect pair of pants at the market. Make sure they are included in your shots of fabulous market finds. You are such a pip!

Vicki in MIchigan

There is usually one side of a leg of jeans that is easy to take apart. The side where the seam is not serged. If you take out that seam for 8" or so, you can sew your reinforcement behind the rip with much less aggravation. Then just re-do that short bit of seam.......... Maybe after the hand sewing.


-- sign me "always looking for an easier way"......


Très chic!


Totally cool job on the jeans. Love them!


All of the 'modern' quilts make me think of the saying, everything old will be made new again'. I love Vicki's suggestion for opening up the leg because I have struggled too many times getting the patch on in that tight space. Never thought to open the seam.

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