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Debbie J

You're so funny! I wish I could smell it. I promise I would eat any, just a little sniff!

Debbie J

Oops! I meant I wouldn't eat any! I guess that was a Freudian slip.


Oh, OH, OH. Bread is the number one love of mine. Is there any aroma better than baking bread? If there is I don't know about it.

If Chris inquires about the missing ends of the loaf you might have to fib and tell him that the bakery bagged it up that way. Make sure no crumbs are stuck to your lips when you do that.


I would have ripped the ends off in the car, maybe I need to start carrying butter in my purse.


Oh I know, I know...my Nana used to tell me it was too hot to cut but then she'd always cut the heel off for me. Pure heaven!

jeanette, mistress of longears

Since we are sharing our darkest moments...I have been known to rip the end off in my car. It's the only thing to do when you have to drive to a home 25 minutes from the bakery with a hot loaf reaching out its tentacles.

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