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I love your blog.

Leslie J. Moran

"A good story lies in the small details which must be embellished if they can't be recalled." To quote you...absolutely fabulous. My credo exactly! There is nothing as wonderful as an embellished tall tale.
I might have to make this into a quote quilt :)


That could have been a photo of my family around that same time. Dad in Air Force uniform, similar hairstyle on Mom, one boy, three girls. Enjoy your trip to Richmond. I'll be hanging out here at home about 90 miles north of you in Springfield.


you done good here sister, you done good...


I so enjoy your blog and your stories...one of my daily doses of sunshine! Richmond is lovely...Maymont, Lewis Ginter gardens, and Hollywood provide so much eye candy and photo ops! Sketchbook fodder as well!


Love seeing photos of your family. The one of Ray and Angie...what a beautiful couple!


My mother's family were great story tellers, teases, laughers. Our family reunions were hilarious. My grandmother had a great laugh, she'd get so caught up in the story about one of her 7 children and then get so choked up with laughter, we'd all laugh with her even tho we couldn't make out what she was saying...just laughing with her was contagious.

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