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Sharon W.

Read, reread, and reread again Wordsworth's "I wandered lonely as a cloud"....he captures perfectly the emotions you are sharing here!!!

Janet Ghio

Daffodils are spring!! I love the way they smell. I was looking for some the other day at one of the stores near where I live-it's the place I can always find them in spring, but they don't have any yet. I had to settle for yellow roses which are really beautiful and yellow and sunny--but they aren't daffodils. Hope i can find some soon!! I live in a condo so don't have a yard for growing any...


I love flowers but daffys and freesia speak spring to me. Freesia have that lemony scent that is so clean smelling. I love Narcissus too but they almost make me ill after that cloying scent gets concentrated. Pansies are another fave and Johnny Jump Ups...little smiley faces. Right now my Lady Banks rose has put forth long branches filled with clusters of butter yellow mini roses. It's going to be 83F here today, yesterday, 86F...


I had some a few weeks ago, all in tight buds...from Ireland! Somehow I've never noticed a scent...or smell, but they are spring! My own are only about 2-3 inches of green sprouts now. If they don't come out soon, I'll be tired them when they do. :(


I'm going to the grocery store tomorrow to get myself a big bunch of these!

jacki long

I had picked up mine on the way home today and have them here by the computer. You are right, they brighten up wherever they are.


Carol, Come visit us in Nevada. Daffodils, tulips and trees are in full bloom. Your Mulvenon Relatives


I miss daffodils! Thanks for the 'fix'! :)

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