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Susan M

What about knitting! Gotta fit that in...just finished 2 shawls... Auburn Wave and a Hitchhiker....have to get blocking! I also have to fit in some sketching...just started the Sketchbook Skool class "Stretching"...have fun at the farmers's market!


Have a fun weekend..looks like I won't make it to Lawrence this trip..too much art to see in KC this time


I've taken all the Sketchbook Skool classes except Stretching and Storytelling.
I haven't done one single exercises given in any class. Major fear factor going on here. Why? I haven't a clue.

Who wants to knit when it's so gorgeous outside? In spring or summer I mainly knit or crochet in the evening while I'm plunked down in front of the TV.

Carol: If you haven't got hold of any of Danny Gregory's books, do so. So inspiring, so down to earth. His story is sad but uplifting at the same time. He's the originator, along with Kojse (?) surname eludes me, 6 weeks of classes that once paid for are available forever to you for checking back as often as you care to. Cost: $99, a bargain!

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