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Susan K

You Moss girls get so much accomplished, all of the time. You are inspiring! I love your squares. They are beautiful. It's going to be a great finished project. Thank you for all your very creative posts!

Amy at love made my home

So funny!!!!! I am sure that you will get that last square done very quickly! Don't you just find sewing the ends in to be the worst! xx

Erika N

Love the colors. Can't wait to see how you assemble them together and finish off the afghan.

Judy H.

These squares are gorgeous! Can't wait to see the finished project. However...I was thinking how adorable and clever it was that this was knitted with the bumps! :)

Janet Ghio

This is going to be the most gorgeous afghan!! I can't wait to see it all finished!

jacki long

This makes me feel so much better Carol, we are similar.
I could see me doing every stage the same way, even though I don't knit. Thanks for sharing! Love it!


These are beautiful; I'm looking forward to seeing the final result (once that last square is finished).

I was thinking about your French knot pillow a few days ago. Were any of your winter hours spent working on it?

Barbara Tarbox

"All those lumps and bumps will need to be taken care of," WHAT, you mean those
Beautiful bubbles are going to be FLATTENED? No, no, I must object, I was loving
The bubbliness. Please say the beautiful lovely bumps will remain puffy.


The yarn looks like Noro...does that mean that each square is knit using the one skein of yarn, then the variegation forms the wavy stripes? If that's the case, then that is one very cleverly thought out pattern.

One day a woman (tourist) visited the combo knit/quilt shop in our city where we had knit group meetings several days a week...she was wearing a Lizard Ridge COAT that she designed, knitted, put together herself. Impressive and stunning would be understatements.

Sewing in all those tails is the worst, especially if faced with all that sewing at the very end of the project. I've recently crocheted 140, 3.5 inch squares for a baby size blanket...thank goodness I sewed in all the tails as I completed each one. Now I can look at my sweet little squares all stacked up in clear bags all ready to sew together. I might never have finished this blanket if I'd had to sew in a zillion tails at the end.


Gorgeous! I've been dying to see this put together, it is really lovely. You are very talented!

Jeanette sclar

How many times have I walked in your shoes? Many, many times. grrrr...but soon you will be truly finished anyway!


Oh dear, or as you better assessed the situation, crappity crap crap... Be brave! xox

Cheryl l

Absolutely the most delicious colors...!

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