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I found my way to your first blog post via Mary Ann when she posted a link to yours. I've been here nearly every evening. Congratulation for keeping us rolling with laughter, drooling over recipes, eateries you visit, things you knit or sew, family stories, sweet kiddies, love and loss. We have been entertained and feel like you're a person we know and love dearly....just like our face to face friends. Thanks for every second of this blog and for taking the time to post it daily.


Dear Carol
Congratulations! and Thank You! Please Never stop! you add so much knowledge and encouragement to my life and i'm over 70 yrs old ;) so i should know how to do-all this- by now, but i don't, so you are an incredible blessing! as well as a whole lot of joy and fun. (you and MaryAnn et all that you bring with you) i especially enjoy and appreciate things like your living example of "Eating Desert First!"
Many blessings and encouragement back to you, Sweet Spirit Carol!

jacki long

Congratulations Carol,
I so look forward to your every post, no matter the subject, it is always delightful! And, I feel like I have gotten to know you and your family. Thank you for doing what you do, so very well, I love it and look forward to more and more! ;o)


Congratulations on the milestone! Keep up the good work, I'm counting on you. xox


Thanks for having a place for us to stop by!

Anne Lathan

I always enjoy your words and photos. Thanks for sharing!



congratulations. thanks for taking the time to bring us into your world. i always enjoy reading the new posts.

Sharon W.

I have been with you every word, every phrase, every clause....well, you get the idea. I especially enjoy your range of topics: I am no fan of the sketching entries, but even there it's been fun to watch your growth. And as a retired English teacher, I can commend your writing skills; it's hard for me to shut down the "red pencil mode" when reading blogs, but yours is always a pleasure! One of the best things about your blog? It gives me ideas and inspiration for small-but-powerful ways to enrich my own days. Thanks.


I also learned of you through Mary Ann and now I feel I know your entire family including the cats! I am a retired nurse and surely identify with that part of your life. I'm anxious for your farm market finds that will happen soon. I live in Wisconsin and always know when you post pictures of the season, that I will see the same in my world in just a few short weeks.My tulips are getting ready to bloom!!!! Thank you for taking the time to take pictures and write your "story".


Happy Blogoversary!!!! Many more!

Judy H.

Ditto: learned of you through Mary Ann. Love your insights -- both the everyday and the profound, the humorous and the serious. I look forward to popping in regularly. :)


Dear Carol:
Thanks so much for your blog! You are consistent, you are an artist, you are a reader, coffee drinker, knitter, on, on... All that I love.
Why just last night because of your blog, we had pimento and cheese sandwiches...leftovers tonight!
Keep going.:)

Cheryl Lombardo

Thank u carol,I stop in every day to see what you are up to...and,never leave without being totally delighted...there are so many common threads amongst us, and it is such a joy to discover like minds ( sometimes too far away to reach out and touch) but, still accessible with a touch of a keypad...would love to sit with u awhile with a cup of coffee and a yuumy chunk of Texas sheet cake...oh, and, please could we ask Mary Ann and Pam to join us...Cheryl L.

Leslie Gardiner

Carol, Thank YOU! I love your posts, and enjoy them regularly. Your photography is lovely, and your posts almost always bring a smile to my face. I have used some of your favorite recipes, although you like to cook more than I do presently! However, the most important thing about your posts for me is they remind me to be mindful of my moments. Thank you for sharing yourself with all of us! Leslie G.


Congratulations and above all, thank you. I have learned and laughed with you. You have reminded me to look and listen to my world as well as yours. I have baked and cooked some of your recipes and read books you recommended. May art, love of family and friends and adventure continue for many more years to come. Please keep sharing it. with us.


DITTO to all the other comments. I'm 73 years old and when I "grow up" I want to be just like you!!


Congratulations!! And I look forward to many more posts!!


Congratulations Carol!!! You're one of my first stops every morning....I SO enjoy your posts.

Jet Hesselink

Congratulations on this 4 years!! You make me smile many times, and you and Mary Ann remember me always to have joy in the little things of life. Thank you.

Leslie J. Moran

How time flies when we are all having such fun! 4 years??? My oh my. You so enrich our lives and make us realize that we are all so much more similar than we are different. Your "wicked" sense of humour and compassionate enthusiasm make the world a better place most days, and for that, you have my utmost thanks. Kindred spirit, sister-girl, you have put Kansas on the map with much the same spirit as Dorothy. Keep on keepin' on. You are greatly loved oh teller of tall tales!

Kathy Pennekamp

Major Hugs from Cincinnati ohio


Just want to say hi and thanks for being there. I look forward to your daily sharing.


I am more diligent about reading here now that MaryAnn is down the sketching rabbit hole. I love your recipes and crafty bits and the info on Kansas, a place I'd only thought of as the flat area before the Rockies. Now I know more. :)

Jenny walker

Yeah! Love your perspective!


And so very, very happy you did!

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