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Beautiful book, and I think you have my mother's doily in your photos! I do love the old random pieced quilts. The have a design sense that I'm amazed by. Thanks for sharing.


So much inspiration here calling: create, make art, find a way, take time to do stuff like this. Mmmmmm.
And Susan, your mother must've had a doily like the one our mother had.

Barbara Casillas

Definitely awesome!


I would assume that most of the quilters didn't put much thought into the design of the quilts shown in this book, it was more a matter of what was available at hand. Much like the women quilters of Gees Bend.

Most quilt blocks have names based on historical, political events relevant to the quilters of the time. Nine Patch, Spider Web, Log Cabin are all known and loved quilt blocks by generations of quilters.

The Baltimore applique style quilts took the whole quilting world to another level. Fine designs, intricate appliqué motifs, fine quilting (14-20 stitches per inch!)

So much rich history, mostly made by women with no voice politically, socially. I am always amazed by so much stunning art done by women who will forever remain anonymous.


Those types of quilts always speak to me, too. I'm on a quilting binge right now & a contemporary quilt & fabric artist who really inspires me...and I think you'd like...is Malka Dubrawsky. She has a blog you can check out & designs fabric for Moda, as well as hand dyeing her own fabric. I bought her Creative Live class & am slowly watching it...she does what she calls Improvisational Quilting. Thanks for the book review...I may need this one!


I do love a good scrap quilt and most of those are gorgeous.

PS we *all* have that doily!

Peggy Fry

check out Gwen Marston and Liberated Quiltmaking. She has such FUN with her sewing. I think you would like her vibe, if you feel like sewing. I've done several and keep coming back to her book!

Leslie J. Moran

You know how into quilting I have been of late. How I LOVED this post. Always appreciate your "finds" and those shared by your followers. Many thanks for this.....off to find a thimble :)


Carol! I think you and Mary Ann need to come to northern California and I will teach you to make quilts! Come on up to wine country and we'll sit at the kitchen table and fondle fabric and make beautiful things. Really!

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