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Love clouds. I've taken pics of lenticular clouds that were featured on the news/weather channel here. Some of your pics look like super cell formations. Is Lawrence in Tornado Alley? I had my share of Tornado warnings when I lived in MI...no thanks, don't want that kind of weather or the kind that comes with a shovel.

I find weather fascinating. We get spectacular lightning storms here. I'd love to take a course in Meteorology. I'm a frequent watcher of Storm Chasers on the weather channel.


omg! I thought I was the only fanatic, frenetic cloud photographer. I have more photos of clouds than my family...Thanks for this one!

Vicki in Michigan

I feel like I pay a reasonable amount of attention to clouds, and yet I am always seeing something I've never seen before.

I'm coming to think that no matter how a person paints a cloud, they are making a true representation of some cloud that has truly existed, somewhere, at some time....

Nice shots! I think my fave is the one with all the blue sky at the top....


My dh who used to work for NOOA, but not as a meteorologist, doesn't even know the names of all the clouds. I kinda think I did know as a Girl Scout but sadly that info has left my brain. Now I just enjoy them.

I do know that gray and yellow sky color may mean a tornado ahead. :(

Leslie J. Moran

The power and the magnificence and the possible fear factor! I love looking at clouds and finding faces or shapes. Used to do that a lot as a kid lying on our backs in the warm summer. Great photos.

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